By Mölle

TMM floor lamp


This is perhaps the most highly acclaimed pieces from Santa & Cole. Miguel Milá managed to brilliantly separate the three vital components of any lamp: the structure, the electrical components and the shade, allowing the user to put them together easily and enabling better maintenance throughout its extensive service life. 

A cross-shaped base supports a square wooden shaft that becomes a circle in the middle. The shade can be moved up or down it, held at the required height by a simple rubber ring. A genuine lesson in intelligence and good taste making minimal use of components. This was Miguel Milá’s first product that Santa & Cole re-released in 1986, 25 years after it initially saw the light of day. Today it is offered in a range of five different woods for the structure and two colours of shade: white or beige.

About Santa & Cole
Founded in 1985, the Barcelona-based modern lighting company, Santa & Cole, oversees a collection of carefully edited contemporary lamps and other furnishings that reflects the company philosophy of quality over quantity. Conscious of its place in 'material culture,' the Santa & Cole contemporary lighting range showcases the thoughtful work of more than 80 designers, and the company's desire to champion design distinguished by superior quality, supreme functionality, and longevity.

Material: oak, beech, walnut, cherry or black oak wood structure

Size: height 166 cm, diameter shade 30 cm, diameter feet 60 cm

Colour shade: white or beige

Shipping: within 4 weeks

Made in: Spain

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