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Forge Creative trees
Handmade trees
Forge Creative handmade trees
Handmade wooden christmas trees
Forge Creative wooden objects
Forge Creative design studio
Modellen handgemaakt bomen hout

Forge Creative handmade trees


These collectible, abstract tree ornaments are hand-turned on a lathe so that each one is unique. Forge Creative use off-cuts form a wide variety of woods and turn a them into different shaped Trees. This way each one ends up with its own unique character. All trees are unique, so if you order more than one we will make a selection for you that go well together.

If you prefer a specific design, use the numbered silhouette chart found in the pictures, and mention it in the comment box with your order. We will try to match your preference, depending on availability.

Forge Creative is a creative design studio based in rural West Sussex, England.

"Our trees are fun little home ornaments, kids playthings, desk toys or just tactile wooden objects. They don't have a specific purpose and that's ok. They are a celebration of the natural beauty of timber and an outlet of creativity. Each tree is unique and beautiful in its own way and we're sure you will enjoy having them sprout up all over your home!"

Materials: off-cuts from a wide variety of woods

Size: tree height ranges between 8 and 16 cm, different designs available

Made in: Great Britain 

Shipping: available from stock



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