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cover of openhouse magazine issue 19
by mölle openhouse magazine nummer 19 casa stella
openhouse tijdschrift nummer 19
rosa park for openhouse magazine no.19
interior in openhouse magazine no.19

Openhouse magazine no.19


Openhouse - a lifestyle & culture magazine - is a guide to creative people around the world who open their homes and private spaces to the public to share cultural activities and experience life together.

Issue 19: Lingering Collections

Intimate and personal, haptic and intellectual, the stories and images collected in this issue form a kind of imagitorium, not unlike the thoughtfully curated endeavors of the gallerists presented on these pages: Rosa Park, owner of the Francis Gallery, introduces her most familiar and personal pieces; Trevor Cheney takes us to the universe recreated at The Seventh House in Los Angeles; we also visit the London house where Kate and Ben Lawrence host The Cold Press, and deepen our discovery of Milan through Henry Timi's homage to Italian heritage.

Publication date: April 2023

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

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