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By Mölle koffietafelboek Arranging Things by Colin King

Arranging Things


New York-based stylist Colin King shares his insights for cultivating beauty in our everyday surroundingscomposing objects into simple, sophisticated vignettes that enrich our homes and our lives.

Through a series of anecdotes and visual essays, Colin unpacks his intuitive and deeply personal process, meditating on scale, proportion, palette, and texture. It’s not about buying new things, but rather about dusting off old favorites and seeing them with fresh eyes—looking beyond intended use to discover deeper meaning in the everyday.

There’s always the element of chance while contemplating new arrangements again and again. Styling, readers will discover, is a metaphor for life and a daily practice to be honed over time.

language: English

author: Colin King

release date: March 2023

shipping: available from stock

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