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Openhouse Magazine no.15
Openhouse Magazine no.15 Benjamin Clementine
Openhouse Magazine no.15 Hector Barroso
Openhouse Magazine Luis Barragan
Openhouse Magazine

Openhouse magazine no.15


Openhouse – A Lifestyle & Culture Magazine – is een tweejaarlijks (Engelstalig) tijdschrift over interieur, design, architectuur en cultuur. "A guide to creative people around the world who open their homes and private spaces to the public to share cultural activities and experience life together."

Issue no. 15: that which is handed down
In this issue we reflect on the idea of heritage, a word built on concepts of ownership and value. We encounter the legacy of Luis Barragán in Mexico City, and feel the sorrow on Benjamin Clementine’s voice when singing about his childhood and fatherhood. We visit Atelier Vime, where traditional wickerwork takes on a new life, and then explore the universe of the Artigas family at Fundació Josep Llorens Artigas, where a dynasty is devoted to art, generation after generation.

Release date: April 2021

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