Atlantic wakame - alaria esculenta

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Bring the sea home; a collection of botanical prints inspired by clear bright mornings seaweed foraging in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic. Hang as a set or make a single bold statement. Crisp, elegant shapes are softened by delicate colour variations. Each print block is cut by hand and hand printed onto a 50gr handmade Japanese washi paper from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan, where they have been making washi papers for eight generations. Each print is made by hand in the studio of Superfolk on the west coast of Ireland.

Atlantic wakame (alaria esculenta)
Atlantic wakame (alaria esculenta) is also known as dabberlocks, bladderlocks, henware, murlin, winged kelp or simply alaria. Japanese wakame is closely related. The long yellowish-olive fronds of Wakame can only be found close to the lowest water mark on freezing cold, exposed northern shores. Dried Wakame is good in soups and sauces and as a wrapping for fish. Alternatively marinate and chop into salad.

Material: water based inks on a 50 gsm handmade Japanese washi paper with deckled edge

Size: 52 cm x 43 cm, fits our medium hanging frame

Colour tone range: a warmed green ochre counterpointed with flashes of a cooler green ochre, raw umber with green undertones on fronds

Ink colour tone variations are unique to each print, hand signed and dated by the printmaker

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