Mini soap gift set - Mellow Mind


This gift set contains six of the classic vegan hand and body soap bars in mini size. Perfect for traveling, small children hands or to give as a present. This set includes six mini soaps, whereof three unscented, one in geranium, one in peppermint and one in lavender. 

6 mini soaps 15-20 grams each:

  • Beige clay soap - geranium
  • Rose clay soap - lavender
  • Black charcoal soap - peppermint
  • Natural soap - uscented
  • Sea salt scrub - unscented
  • Terracotta soap - uscented

Mellow Mind is a creative Danish wellness brand founded in 2019 with a passion for holistic well-being and beauty. All soaps are formulated by founder Maria Grønborg and handmade within their own facilities in Kolding, Denmark. They are 100% vegan, only contain natural ingredients and blend by hand in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and to minimize waste.

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter

Size: between 3,5 x 5 cm (sizes vary)

Made in: Kolding, Denmark

Shipping: available from stock

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