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Lingua Planta herbal hand sanitizer


Did you know plants communicate via molecules through the air? All plants exchange olfactory messages via thousands of volatile compounds. Based on her research after these molecular messages, Merle Bergers made a new herbal hand sanitizer. ​The spray contains naturally denatured perfumers alcohol with antiviral ingredients such as tea tree oil, antiseptic, disinfecting lemon-oil and calming lavender combined with ravintsara, myrrh and olibanum. A gentle, calming spray in a 100 ml glass bottle. Spray a small amount onto your hands and enjoy the smell. Comes with a pretty gift box.

"I first developed this alcohol based sanitizer for my the people I live with for whom I care deeply. With anti-septic tea tree oil, relaxing lavender and sanitizing lemon oil. We use this to disinfect our keys and doorknobs. It has a nice, gentle, calming scent." Merle Bergers 

Ingredients: perfumers alcohol, tea tree oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, ravintsara, myrrh, olibanum

Content: 100 ml

Height bottle: 14 cm

Shipping: available from stock

Made by: Merle Bergers, Lingua Planta in the Netherlands

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