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slow stays

Mölle is the word for mill in our local dialect. Our studio is based in Dalfsen in the Dutch countryside, close to the mill where we once started. Situated in beautiful surroundings this is also where you can stay at one of our lodges we renovated with the By Mölle collection together with friends who share our sustainable ethos. Slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature, sleep under our fine linens and fall in love with 't Witte Huis or the Lemelerberg Lodge. Enjoy the sound of singing birds. Wake up with a cup of coffee on the terrace, and a beautiful view of the sunrise. Explore hidden tracks, and spot birds, squirrel, and deer. With your stay at the lodges we help Landschap Overijssel protect nature and national heritage in Overijssel, so we can all enjoy it. You're welcome!

The perfect place for switching off and slow down. 

't Witte Huis 
Buitenplaats de Horte is one of the most beautiful spots in Vechtdal Overijssel. Close to Zwolle near the river Vecht. You can still feel the rich history of the estate and its owners. A hidden paradise where you find silence, space and time to enjoy slow living. Between the century-old trees you will find 't Witte Huis, a historical house from the early 19th century. It used to be the poolhouse of the landlord, and we renovated it as a fine country home, with natural materials, pure and eco-friendly. 't Witte Huis has lots of character and comes with everything for a relaxed stay for two. Perfect for slow living. Book your stay

Nature and national heritage 
What makes this place so special is that the estate is still complete. In the archives it first appeared in 1391. The Overijssel Vechtdal is a beautiful region. In 't Witte Huis you will find more information and maps of the area. There are two bicycles in the barn. As you will discover Buitenplaats de Horte has a rich history and even its own vineyard and orchard. Two marked hiking trails have been set out of 3.5 kilometers (yellow route) and 5.5 kilometers (red route). Many animals live on the estate, including the otter, badger, ermine and the kingfisher. Daisy and cornflower bloom in the grasslands. Roaches, tench and pike live in the water. And of course the grass snake. With luck you can see him swimming through the canal.

The Lemelerberg Lodge
The Lemelerberg Lodge is situated at one of the most beautiful spots in Overijssel. East of Zwolle on the southern slope of the 60 meter high Lemelerberg, one of the highest hills of Salland. Hidden between the trees with nature all around and overlooking the heather you find a historic wooden chalet. Brought as a building kit all the way by train from Austria in 1925 by the Dutch banker Abraham Ledeboer. In summer the family organized delicious picnics and in winter, children played in the snow. The original cross country skis are still in the attic. You can still feel the rich history of the lodge which we recently renovated together with Landscape Overijssel as a cosy hide-away to enjoy slow living. With natural materials, pure and eco-friendly. Book your stay

Nature and national heritage
With the variety of moors, sand plains, forests and springs the Lemelerberg is unique. It is with about 1000 hectares the largest nature area of ​​Landschap Overijssel and designated by Europe as Natura 2000. More than 150,000 years ago an ice sheet of 100 to 400 meters thick covered the northern half of our country. In addition, rocks of thousands of kilos were transported from Scandinavia and gradually smoothed or pulverized on the way. The glacier pushed everything inch by inch. This created a hill with a height of 78 meters: the Lemelerberg. From different points you can enjoy beautiful views. Part of the year the heath is grazed by a herd of about 200 sheep. It is a beautiful cycling and walking area. With luck you can see deer, sand lizard, polecat, pine marten, ermine, honey buzzard, hawk, woodlark, tree pipit, nightjar, buzzard and raven. In winter, the cormorant hibernates here.

With your stay at the Lemelerberg Lodge and 't Witte Huis we help Landschap Overijssel protect nature and national heritage in Overijssel, so we can all enjoy it.

Vechtdal Overijssel 
Vechtdal Overijssel is a beautiful region. In 't Witte Huis and the Lemelerberg Lodge you will find more information and maps of the area. The river Vecht winds its way through the landscape of Gramsbergen near the border with Germany via picturesque towns such as Vilsteren, Beerze and Zwolle. Dalfsen is located in the heart of the Overijssel Vechtdal, where our By Mölle studio is also located. Peace and space predominate. Old royal roads run past historic hamlets with medieval castles and estates. You will find ice age moraines, forests, heathland, fields and meadows. Because the Vecht often flooded, the valley next to the river became more and more fertile. The most beautiful and tastiest ingredients grow here, which are processed by local farmers into beautiful, honest products and dishes. From sandy soils with asparagus, organic dairy farms to traditional spelled bread and unsprayed soft fruit such as strawberries, redcurrants and blueberries that you can pick yourself directly from the field. As far as we are concerned, the Vechtdal is made for roaming around both on foot and by bicycle. Every season there is a delicious dish to taste from traditional growers.