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Biophilia love of life

By Mölle was born out of a desire to make a positive impact on the earth. We create and curate homeware and focus on beautiful design, responsible sourcing and quality natural materials. Our designs have the highest attention to detail and encourage slow living. From bed linens and cushions to tableware and curtains, everything is made in our studio in the Dutch countryside. Our collection celebrates traditional techniques by historic makers. 

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul." Alice Walker

Biophilia love of life 
A house becomes a home when you feel comfortable and at ease. Natural materials of good quality make a huge difference. Our inspiration comes from Biophilia, which means “love of life” or "living systems". Designing the places where we live, work, and learn with natural resources to improve your health and happiness. Nature is genetic and deep-rooted in our evolution. A growing number of studies are putting forward evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier. 
Inspired by Nature By Mölle
Healthy benefits
We spend so much time indoors that the materials around us can have profound effects on our health. One of the easiest ways to detox an interior is to introduce natural materials, which are inherently beautiful and offer a multitude of healthy benefits for our wellbeing. We are happy to see that people are becoming more conscious about what they buy, and are looking for honest, eco-friendly products. Therefore craftsmanship, quality and sustainability are becoming more important, with a focus on timeless designs rather than trends that change every season.

"Luxury is not about buying expensive things, it's about living in a way where you appreciate things" Oscar de la Renta 

Lemelerberg Lodge By MölleNatural materials in your home can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity and it improve your well-being. Even simple changes in your home can have a huge impact on how you feel. Our collection of natural soft linens, organic hemp and pure wool for your bedroom, kitchen and home is super comfortable and 100% natural. Just perfect if you want to create a pure, relaxed ambiance. Enjoy!

Slow down and recharge
Do you want to slow down and recharge in our calm and inviting natural country homes?  't Witte Huis and the Lemelerberg Lodge have lots of character and come with everything for a relaxed stay. You're welcome. 
Slow living By Mölle