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Meet the Makers: By Mölle

By Mölle was born out of a love to make a positive impact on the earth. What we couldn’t find for a natural home we decided to make. We create and curate homeware and focus on beautiful design from natural materials made with respect for the earth. We believe in attention to detail, timeless design and high quality. Our slow living collection celebrates innovation and traditional craft techniques by historic makers all over Europe. From bed linens and cushions to tableware and curtains, everything is made in our studio in the Dutch countryside. Discover our slow living collection with pure linens and fine designs.

Inspired by nature
Your house becomes a home when you feel comfortable and at ease. Natural materials of good quality make a huge difference. Our inspiration comes from Biophilia, which means 'Love of Life'. Designing the places where we live, work, and learn with natural resources to improve your health and happiness. A growing number of studies are putting forward evidence that a close connection with nature makes us healthier and happier. Natural materials in your home can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity and your well-being. Even simple changes in your home can have a huge impact on how you feel. Our collection of natural soft linens, organic hemp, fine mohair, beautiful ceramics and pure wool for your bedroom, kitchen and every other room in your home. Super comfortable and 100% natural.

Enjoy slow living
Mölle is the word for mill in our local dialect. Our studio is based in Dalfsen in the Dutch country side, close to the mill where we once started. Situated in beautiful surroundings this is also where you can stay at one of our lodges. Slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature, sleep under our fine linens and fall in love with 't Witte Huis or the Lemelerberg Lodge. Exposing yourself to the sound of singing birds. Waking up with a cup of coffee on the terrace, and a beautiful view of the sunrise. Explore hidden tracks, and spot birds, squirrel and deer. With your stay at the lodges we help Landschap Overijssel protect nature and national heritage in Overijssel, so we can all enjoy it. You're welcome! 

"Sustainability is involved in everything we do, from the way we design our collection to the way we work with historic makers and source the finest natural materials." 

Create - We believe in the beauty of bringing slow living into our day-to-day routines. We make all cushions, bed- and table linens by hand in our studio in Dalfsen. From bespoke quilts to linen napkins, everything is made to order and we can make it exactly how you like it. That’s why you can buy our linen bedding exclusively online and in our store and studio in Dalfsen the Dutch countryside. 

Collaborate - We like to work with small run, independent artisans to create limited edition designs. Craftsmen that put a lot of thought, time and love into unique handmade products. We also encourage new talented makers with great innovative sustainable ideas. A beautiful example of make the textile industry more sustainable is the recycled denim collection in collaboration with Annemieke Koster from Enschede Textielstad or the H.E.R.B.S. quilt collection with Studio Nienke Hoogvliet. How nice if we can dye pure linen fabrics with medicinal herbs like rosemary that are beneficial for your health and skin?

Collect - We love inspiring stories about craftsmanship, natural materials and a slow lifestyle. While searching for eco-friendly and fine craftsmanship we discover great designers and brands that share our slow living ethos. You can find a selection of their products online and in our studio, all collected By Mölle. Made for life with love by the world’s best using the finest sustainable materials. Enjoy!

Like to read more? Meet the Makers: By Mölle interview with Lucienne Dunnewijk and Marianne Maat.

Pure 100% European flax linen

All our linens are made by talented artisans using only highest quality natural flax. Grown, woven and sewn in Europe's best known regions for their expertise in linen. Linen is 100% natural and incredibly comfortable. Cool in summer and warm in winter. The more you use it, the softer it gets. Linen fabric is made from flax, Linum Usitatissimum. It is the only plant textile fibre that originates from Europe. From farming and harvesting, to weaving and finishing, linen fabric is one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world. It can’t be relocated and needs the Atlantic sea climate to grow. Flax doesn’t need any irrigation or pesticides and is a true carbon well. Everything from the flax plant is used; the seeds in bread and for linseed oil, the fibers for linen, ropes, paper and insulation materials. For superior quality we use the best flax that grows on the western European Atlantic coast. After harvesting the flax goes to historic makers, undoubtedly the most highly regarded linen producers in Europe. The mills take care of all the stages in the process of creating our linen fabric, from flax to fabric. 

The chambray linen fabric is yarn-dyed, which gives it a beautiful color and structure. You see and feel the craftsmanship in our fine woven fabrics in the pure natural shades. Over 5000 years ago the Egyptians called linen woven moonlight, because of its beauty, softness and unique medicinal properties. Linen is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, everything you need for a deep and healthy sleep and sweet dreams. The internationally registered label MASTERS OF LINEN® guarantees that our linen is made entirely in Europe, from flax to fabric. Only the best European weavers meet the stringent conditions. 

We make all linen curtainscushionsbed- and table linens in our studio in the Netherlands, which fits perfectly with our local, open and transparent values. Join us and have a look. We ship worldwide! 

Recycled denim collection

“Recycling – to break something down into raw materials that are then used to make new items. Recycling reduces waste, saves energy, and reduces the consumption of raw materials.”

In the Netherlands we throw away 210.000 kilotons textiles every year. We want to change this and give textiles a second life by removing zips and buttons and spinning the fibre to a soft, high quality yarn that we use for our recycled denim collection. The pieces are selected by color, reduced to fibers and spun to beautiful yarn that we use for our home textiles and wraps. Eco-friendly, a good alternative for cotton and a great way to dress your home.

discover the recycled denim collection

"Materials produced with respect for the earth are crucial when it comes to sustainability. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact by using only 100% natural fibers in our collection like linen, hemp and pure wool. Safe for you, and safe for the planet." 

Pure wool

Our woolen throws and blankets are pure natural, very warm and timeless. The natural shades of the pure wool are an inspiration for our designs. For our grey throws we use for example the wool of the Gotland sheep, an ancient Nordic breed. The amazingly soft merino wool wraps are woven for us by a traditional Italian wool mill that is located in the mountains near Bergamo. For these wraps we use the finest, Woolmark certified merino wool, guaranteed mueseling free.

Discover the pure wool collection blankets and throws.

Natural rugs

Our rugs are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres. Infused with the rich work of artisans whose intricate weaving traditions are passed down through generations. The preservation of these age old skills and the income they bring are vital. More than ten pairs of hands are required to create and finish each rug.

Every purchase enhances the lives of our weavers and their communities, giving them a means to improve living standards and enjoy a discretionary income. Each rug is nurtured on its journey from fibre to finished product by the skilled hands of our dyers, weavers and finishers. The handmade process results in them being imbued with a unique character. We also give careful consideration to our environmental foot print. Our rugs frequently travel between villages by way of more eco-friendly transport, such as motorbikes and bicycles.

Discover the natural rugs collection.