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Healthy bedlinen

Healthy bedlinen

We spend about a third of our lives in bed. That means that you slept for about thirty years at the age of ninety. And this is not a waste of time because sleeping well is important for your body to recover. Scientists confirm that a good night's sleep is crucial for a healthy, relaxed and happy life. Sleep is important to boost your immune system. Those who sleep well are more alert, have a better libido and the chance of a (sports) injury is 40% smaller. The best bedroom is the place where you can truly relax. The more natural the better. That's why linen bedding is recommended. The soft 100% natural fabric feels great, so you sleep better and deeper. In addition, linen has more healthy benefits to boost your sleep. 
1. cool in summer, warm in winter
The climate (temperature and moisture regulation) in your bed is important for a good and uninterrupted night's sleep. Linen is airy and cool on warm summer nights and pleasantly warm in winter. This is due to the natural high thermal insulating properties of the linen. In summer, the temperature between your body and the linen is about 3-4 degrees lower than the air. And when it is fresh, the fabric carefully retains your body heat. Ideal because it means that you sleep wonderfully all year round, regardless of the season.
2. hypoallergenic
Did you know that linen bedding is hypoallergenic? Dust mites do not thrive in linen. Healthy for everyone but extra nice if you are sensitive to dust or if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Children also often receive advice from the dermatologist to sleep under natural linen.
3. anti-bacterial
Pure linen fabric has rare bacteriological properties. It's a natural antiseptic, so neither bacteria nor fungus can live on it. Linen was already used by the Egyptians for its healing properties for some skin conditions. It was discovered that wounds under linen clothes heal faster. Do you quickly suffer from rashes or eczema? Then a linen duvet cover could offer a solution!
4. dust resistant
Linen has a dust-repellent ability, is dirt-resistant and does not cause allergic reactions. Linen fabric also does not make static.
5. moisture absorbent
When you sleep, your body can get warm at night, but where does all that heat go when you're under a synthetic sheet? Did you know that linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture, without the fabric itself feeling damp? In addition, the moisture also evaporates easily.
6. healthy sleep - natural non toxic linen bedding
Sleeping gives new energy. Most people are not aware that if you don't pay attention you will sleep under synthetic materials most of the time. Research shows that about 1 kilo of chemicals are used in the production of a single duvet cover. Synthetic materials can have an impact on your health. Sleeping under linen helps you to stay physically and mentally healthy. Linen is 100% natural and super clean because flax, the plant from which our linen is made, is very environmentally friendly and grows without pesticides and chemicals. So there are no harmful toxins in your duvet. Every night you step into a clean bed, in which no residues of chemicals are left behind. Good for you and good for the earth.

You are at the right place at By Mölle for 100% natural and wonderfully soft bed linen. Our linen fabrics are traditionally made in Europe from flax that grows on the Atlantic coast.


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