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stories about craftsmanship, natural materials and a slow lifestyle

Pure Europe linen By Mölle

How our linen grows in 100 days

At By Mölle, we're proud to offer high-quality linen products that are crafted with care and attention to detail. But have you ever wondered how linen is grown and harvested?...

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Natural ecological home collection By Mölle

Natural, eco-friendly materials

Soft natural tones and an oasis of calm. Linen, mohair, hemp, wool, alpaca and down are not only beautiful but also sustainable and healthy with a positive ecological impact. Pure...

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Frama Design collection By Mölle

Iconic meets new by Frama

Frama is one of our favorite studios. We love their focus on timeless design. Simple, refined and resting on strong geometry with sustainable materials that age beautifully over time. The creative headquarter...

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Table linen a special history By Mölle

The history of table linen

Table linen has an age-old tradition. Pharaohs, kings and emperors covered the dining table with linen. The first table linen was used 2000 years ago in the Carthaginian Empire in North...

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