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By Mölle

a positive change starts at home

Inspired by nature we care for what surrounds us. We celebrate a slow lifestyle, bespoke craftsmanship, natural materials and timeless beauty. In 2012 we made our first blankets with local wool, followed by pure linen bedding and recycled denim cushions and throws. All crafted end to end in Europe with local natural materials. Since then our collection has grown based on these ethical and sustainable principles. By Mölle natural homewares are thoughtfully designed and crafted with respect for the earth. We believe a positive change starts at home. Buy less & buy better, enjoy slow living.

By Mölle studio store & café

2 floors of inspiration for a natural home

By Mölle store, studio & café

feel the difference

natural materials

A positive change starts at home with nature’s finest sustainable materials. Gentle to your senses, and kind to the world.

timeless beauty

We’re not big on trends, we love simplicity and the beauty of high quality design that never goes out of style.

local craftsmanship

Our collection is handmade to order with love. Responsibly crafted in Europe, avoiding waste and excess stock.

By Mölle atelier

Mölle is the word for mill in our local dialect. Our atelier is based in Dalfsen in the Dutch countryside, close to the mill where we once started. This is where we design and make all linen bedding, pillows, and curtains to order.

The mill is also our inspiration and you can see it’s wicks in our logo. For centuries mills have been powered by the wind. A renewable source of energy, without a negative impact on the earth.

natural materials

Your house becomes a home when you feel comfortable and at ease. Natural materials of good quality make a huge difference. Our inspiration comes from Biophilia, which means 'Love of Nature'. Designing the places where we live, work and learn with natural resources to improve your health and happiness.

We spend so much time indoors that the materials around us can have profound effects on how you feel. Natural materials in your home can reduce stress, improve creativity and well-being. Even simple changes in your home can have a positive impact. That's why we work exclusively with high quality, super comfy natural raw materials like pure linens, mohair, undyed organic cotton, and wool. Thoughtfully designed, responsibly crafted in Europe.

European linen

undyed cotton

silky soft mohair

recycled denim

alpaca wool

circular design

We attach great importance to the reuse of materials. In the Netherlands alone, 210.000 kilotons of textiles are thrown away every year, most of it is burned. We want to change this and are constantly looking for sustainable innovations to move towards a circular world. A few examples.

no waste
We make all linen bedding, cushions and curtains to order in our atelier, and offer it directly to you. Our linen fabric arrives on rolls and nothing is left to waste. We only make what is needed, smaller pieces are used for samples and the smallest remnants are collected to be spun into new yarn.

recycled denim
One of the first designs we developed in 2012 was our recycled denim collection. Old textile fibers are spun into a new, high quality yarn and made into beautiful, soft recycled throws and cushions.

repair service
With our experienced team of seamstresses we offer a repair and remake service. Curtains are reused for new homes, linen sheets become cushions and we repair products where possible. Linen remnants that can’t be used anymore are taken to our recycling partner who uses it to spin new yarns.

eco bed basics
Our duvets and pillows are filled with 100% recycled down and are produced in the Netherlands. This way, valuable natural materials are reused and we show that waste can turn into something beautiful to enjoy for years to come.

quality certifications

recycle with us

meet the makers

a slow stay in nature

To slow down and enjoy our collection we invite you to stay off grid and comfortable in one of our eco retreats in Vechtdal Overijssel. Enjoy nature, silence and great trails and dream under our fine linen bedding.

discover the eco retreats:

’t Witte Huis

Lemelerberg Lodge

Pine Cabin


inspiration for a natural home


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