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bring nature inside

our mission

Inspired by nature we care for what surrounds us. We celebrate a slow lifestyle, bespoke craftsmanship, natural materials and timeless beauty. In 2012 we made our first blankets with local wool, followed by pure linen bedding and recycled denim cushions and throws. All crafted end to end in Europe with local natural materials. Since then our collection has grown based on these ethical and sustainable principles. By Mölle natural homewares are thoughtfully designed and crafted with respect for the earth. We believe a positive change starts at home. Buy less & buy better, enjoy slow living.

By Mölle

Mölle is the word for mill in our local dialect. Our studio is based in Dalfsen in the Dutch countryside, close to the mill where we once started. This is where we design and make all linen bedding, pillows, and curtains to order, and where you meet us for a personal advice and see the collection.

If you like to slow down you're welcome to stay a few days in our cosy lodges 't Witte Huis and the Lemelerberg Lodge.

natural materials

Your house becomes a home when you feel comfortable and at ease. Natural materials of good quality make a huge difference. Our inspiration comes from Biophilia, which means 'Love of Nature'. Designing the places where we live, work and learn with natural resources to improve your health and happiness.

We spend so much time indoors that the materials around us can have profound effects on how you feel. Natural materials in your home can reduce stress, improve creativity and your well-being. Even simple changes in your home can have a positive impact. That's why we work exclusively with high quality, super comfy natural raw materials like pure linens, mohair, hemp, and wool. Thoughtfully designed, responsibly crafted in Europe.

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crafted in Europe

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