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Slow living guide Vechtdal Overijssel

We love the Vechtdal Overijssel. It was therefore a pleasure to collect these special addresses from the region. Some are known, others may not be yet. Slow living goes one step further than slow food. It's all about pure living in harmony with nature. Rest, time and attention for each other. All these craft entrepreneurs do this with sustainable authentic craftsmanship. Discover the variety of beautiful nature reserves, nice towns and delicious gastronomy. You can compile your own route. Walking or cycling is definitely the best way to get around. Along the way you stop at the nicest addresses where you want. Dalfsen is located in the heart of the Vechtdal. Our By Mölle studio is located here at Koesteeg 9. You are very welcome.

Vechtdal Overijssel

The Overijsselse Vecht is one of the most beautiful rivers in our country. The river winds its way through the landscape. From Gramsbergen near the border with Germany via picturesque towns such as Vilsteren and Beerze to Zwolle. Old royal roads run past historic hamlets with medieval castles and estates. You will find moraines from the ice age, forests, heaths, fields and meadows. Because the Vecht often flooded, the valley next to the river became increasingly fertile. The most beautiful and tastiest ingredients grow here, which are processed by local farmers into delicious products and dishes. Looking for a world of blackberries and boletes and unsprayed soft fruit such as strawberries, red currants and blue currants that you can pick yourself directly from the field. From sandy soils with asparagus, organic dairy farms to traditional spelled bread. Every season there is a nice dish to taste from traditional growers. A nice extra is that you discover beautiful nature reserves such as the Sahara, a sand drift near Ommen and the Lemelerberg where you can look far beyond Zwolle from the top.

1. By Mölle studio

Mölle is the word for windmill in our local dialect. The By Mölle studio is located in Dalfsen, near the mill in Hoonhorst where we once started. Here we design the collection and make all linen bedding, pillows and curtains to order. You are also very welcome here for personal advice. To relax and experience our collection, we would like to invite you to stay for a few days in our cozy eco lodges in the Vechtdal in Overijssel. Sleep well under By Mölle linen, enjoy nature and experience what natural materials do to you.

2. 't Witte Huis Buitenplaats de Horte

Buitenplaats de Horte is one of the most beautiful spots in Vechtdal Overijssel. Between the century-old trees you will find 't Witte Huis, a historical house from the early 19th century. It used to be the poolhouse of the landlord, and we renovated it as a fine country home for two. With natural materials, pure and eco-friendly. At Buitenplaats de Horte there are two walking routes (5 and 7 km) that lead you through the surrounding forest.

3. Boerhoes

Boerhoes is located in a beautiful piece of countryside on the Overijsselse Vecht between Dalfsen and Zwolle. This small-scale and cozy tea garden also has a B&B and camping area. Antje Kinga and Thomas Zwiers breed Dexters (mini-cows) on the former dairy farm. Striving is a self-sufficient yard. In recent years they have become proficient in making a wide range of products from their own country, varying from apple cider to pâté, from dry sausage to quince jelly, from pork belly to dried mushrooms and from sauerkraut to home-smoked fish. You can also occasionally cook.

4. Nursery garden Coen Jansen & Door Edelsmeden

Coen Jansen's small-scale nursery garden is a unique address. You will find perennials that look as if they have been taken straight from nature. A real 'fine breeder' because of its own assortment that has been built up over many years with a lot of professional knowledge. In addition, Coen also breeds rare plants that you can hardly find anywhere else. The workshop Door Edelsmeden of goldsmith Maartje Trooster is also located at the nursery. Maartje draws inspiration from nature for her collection.

5. Ambachtelijke Vechtdal Brouwerij

The Artisanal Vechtdal Brewery has been brewing beer in Dalfsen since 2015 with fair raw materials and without additives. All beers are top-fermented with refermentation in the bottle and have a nice pure taste. With resounding names such as Dalfs Blauw, Pale Alie or the Dame van Dalfsen. There is a wide range of beers that changes with the seasons. Tip: Tours are by appointment only, so book in advance.

6. Herberg de Witte Gans

In the woods near Dalfsen you can enjoy delicious dishes in an idyllic location that are traditionally prepared by the creative chef with beautiful seasonal products from the Vechtdal. The history of Herberg de Witte Gans goes back to the year 1869. The geese still roam outside and it is a popular resting place. Herberg de Witte Gans has a Bib Gourmand recognition from Michelin.

7. Nursery Eef Stel

Eef Stel in Dalfsen is the fourth generation horticulturist. Twenty years ago he started growing in a natural way without pesticides and fertilizers. “Vital vegetables of top quality”, he calls his products. The (forgotten) vegetables and herbs contain more nutritional values in this way and are full of flavor due to the use of natural resources, as it used to be. Top chef Jonnie Boer of De Librije is one of his biggest customers, but you can also do your shopping directly in his own shop. Can't be fresher.

Adres: Ankummeres 11, Dalfsen

8. Castle Rechteren

Rechteren Castle is the only medieval castle in the province of Overijssel that has been preserved. Since the 13th century, the castle has been owned by the noble family Van Rechteren Limpurg. Unfortunately, it cannot be viewed and remains with viewing from a distance. Tip: Curious what this castle looks like inside? For photos of the interior and renovation view the current resident of Rechteren Castle @christiaanvanrechteren.

9. Mooirivier

Spending the night in nature? Hotel Mooirivier is located in a special spot on the river Vecht. Located in a thatched farmhouse on an old river dune with a beautiful panoramic view of the river and adjacent nature reserves with special plants and meadow birds. Here you will find atmosphere and tradition with a modern twist. Recommended for a wonderful weekend away or for culinary enjoyment in the restaurant with a nice terrace. The dishes change with the seasons, with a lot of local ingredients.

the Vechtdal trail

If you want to discover the beauty and hospitality of the Vechtdal, the walking trail of the Vechtdalpad is recommended. You start in Zwolle and for four days you follow the trail of the meandering river through characteristic towns such as Dalfsen, Ommen, Vilsteren, Mariënberg, Hardenberg and Gramsbergen. You walk about 80 kilometers to the border with Germany.

The trail is beautiful and varied with paths through the forest, over old river dunes, past castles and fields with a wide view. You can also enjoy esdorpen with nice terraces, sand drifts, heathland and fens full of blooming water lilies. And who knows, you might spot the Vechtdal carnation flower. This rare pink flower only grows in July along the Overijsselse Vecht and you will not find it anywhere else in the Netherlands.

10. Viewing tower the Stokte & ferry Hessum

For a fantastic view at a height of twenty meters, go to the De Stokte lookout tower directly on the Vecht. On top of the viewing platform you look out over meadows, forests and the meandering river. A little further in the direction of Dalfsen, cyclists and walkers can take the Hessum ferry from mid-April to the end of October to the other side of the Vecht. Nice detail: the ferry is self-service and sails electrically with sustainably generated energy from the solar panels.

11. Asparagus from the land

Did you know that the asparagus from the Vechtdal are called the white gold by connoisseurs? The light sandy soil in the slightly higher areas of Overijssel guarantees the excellent quality of asparagus from the Vechtdal. The fresher, the more flavor and vitamins the asparagus contains. Do you want to treat yourself with fresh asparagus? Visit asparagus farm Het Nijenhuis and get your own asparagus directly from the field. You can't get them fresher than this.

12. Farmers Market Vilsteren

Landgoed Vilsteren is located between Ommen and Dalfsen: a large private estate where walkers are very welcome. In the estate lies the village of Vilsteren with a mill, a large church and Huis Vilsteren. Every third Saturday of the month from 11:00 to 16:00 there is a Farmers Market with organic products from the estate and from the region. Locally and sustainably produced. And you can taste that!

13. Cheese farm Heileuver

Cheese farm Heileuver has been making traditional cheese for more than a quarter of a century. Years of experience and old family recipes guarantee a special taste. Very special is the Salland herb cheese with bell pepper, chives and fresh garlic. In addition to cheese, the store also sells many other regional products.

14. Wine farm Hessum

In the hamlet of Hessum in Dalfsen, you will find Wijnerve Hessum. Beautifully situated south of the Overijsselse Vecht in a varied landscape. The small vineyard is planted with Solaris grapes, a resistant variety and especially suitable for the Dutch climate. In addition to your own wine, you can also buy special wines from France and Italy, or participate in a wine tasting with delicious snacks.

15. Erve Vechtdal

Erve Vechtdal is located at a beautiful spot on the river banks of the Overijsselse Vecht, hidden behind ancient forest. It is where the Brandrode cattle of Simone Koggel lives. An ecological, special place where nature is still given all the space it needs in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer. You are most welcome in the restaurant or on the cosy terrace. Erve Vechtdal is the ideal stop to relax and enjoy for walkers, cyclists, canoeists or by boat.

the Lemelerberg

The Lemelerberg is special because of the variety of heathland, sand plains, forests and springs. With approximately 1000 hectares, it is the largest nature reserve in Overijssel Landscape and has been designated by Europe as Natura 2000. More than 150,000 years ago, an ice cap of 100 to 400 meters thick covered the northern half of our country. Rocks of thousands of kilograms were brought from Scandinavia. The glacier pushed everything in front of it inch by inch. This created a hill with a height of 78 meters: the Lemelerberg. From different points you can enjoy beautiful views. For part of the year, the heathland is grazed by a herd of about 200 sheep. It is a beautiful cycling and walking area. With a bit of luck you will see the sand lizard or badger.

16. the Lemelerberg Lodge

The Lemelerberg Lodge is located on top of the 60 meter high Lemelerberg. You reach this historic wooden nature house via a private sandy path that slowly winds up through the forest. Hidden between the trees with nature all around and a view of the heathland, the detached wooden chalet from 1925 is located. Here you will stay completely ecologically and off the grid.

17. canoeing on the Regge

Sail directly into the Regge nature reserve with a Canadian canoe or kayak and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. The Regge is a small river with hardly any current. In the nature reserve you will find several beaches where you can moor for a swim and for a picnic. And you might see the kingfisher.

18. the Pine Cabin

The Pine Cabin is a special two-person nature house that is completely free and secluded with a view of fields and the Lemelerberg. A fantastic place to relax and recharge. The spot is special because it is located on its own nature field directly on the Pieterpad surrounded by natural beauty. The wide view comes fully in through the large windows.

22. de Rheezer Kamer

De Rheezer Kamer is an attractive B&B and tea house on an authentic green in Rheeze, surrounded by monumental farms and tall trees. Owner Astrid Fidder opts for natural and recycled materials (you sleep under By Mölle linen here) and regional products.

19. brewery de Pauw

Beer brewery de Pauw is a traditional beer brewery from Ommen. It is perhaps the most beautiful and most remote brewery in the Netherlands, housed in a converted barn of the organic Dairy and Ice cream farm de Meulenhorst on the Eerde estate.

20. landgoed Eerde

Landgoed Eerde is about 540 hectares in size and still exudes the wealth of former owners. In the 14th century, the notorious baron Evert van Essen lived here. From his castle he terrorized the area. In 1933 the Quakers established a school at Eerde, where many children of German Jews found refuge. The 3 km walk around the castle is very nice to do.

21. spelled from flour mill de Lelie

On arable lands between Vecht and Regge, some farmers grow the old spelled wheat. Korenmolen de Lelie in Ommen grinds the spelled that you can buy in the mill shop. De Lelie was built in 1846 and is a wooden octagonal windmill covered with reed.

23. Junners at Landgoed Junne

Tea & coffee garden Junners on Landgoed Junne is located in a monumental farm. Here you can enjoy homemade delicacies cosy by a wood fire or outside in the orchard. Landgoed Junne has a rich history and is one of the largest private estates in the Netherlands. Walk here along the floodplains of the Vecht or through the woods, drifting sand & heathland.

24. Mommeriete Bier

The old Vecht town of Gramsbergen was first mentioned in 1227. The town with its narrow romantic streets, authentic street lamps, monumental buildings and an old gate from the early 14th century makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time. Mommeriete is a beer brewery in the age-old skippers cafe with a lovely terrace on the Vecht. Here you drink home-brewed Momme's Blonde, a slightly sweet-bitter beer with a lot of hops.

cycling and tasting

The taste cycling trail Vechtdal is 40 km long and signposted with signs from the cycling junction system. You cycle past castles and manors combined with a number of culinary stops. You can taste regional products from the Vechtdal and you can also visit local producers. The mapped out cycle route goes through a varied river landscape. You will also pass Castle Rechteren, Huize Het Laer and the Vilsteren Estate.