Artisan crafted with respect for the earth

By Mölle was born out of a love to make a positive impact on the earth. A shared passion for sustainable, fine textiles and artisan crafted quality goods made from natural materials. What we couldn’t find, we decided to make. We believe in the beauty of bringing slow living into day-to-day routines. We make all cushions, bed- and table linens by hand in our studio. From quilts to linen napkins, everything is made to order and we can make it exactly how you like it. 

Sustainability informs the way we design to the way we work with our partners. We love to work with small run, independent artisans to create limited edition designs. Craftsmen that put a lot of thought, time and love into unique handmade products. We take steps to recycle waste and try to get social, environmental and economic considerations throughout the entire collection. Carefully sourced, thoughtfully crafted and intended to last. 

All cushions, bed- and table linens are handmade in our studio in the Netherlands. While searching for eco-friendly, natural materials and European craftsmanship we have the pleasure to meet designers and brands that share our slow living ethos. You can find a selection of their products online and in our studio, all collected By Mölle. If you are interested, please get in touch or pop in our studio. See you!