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Natural rugs, healthy homes

We spend so much time indoors that the materials around us can have profound effects on our health. One of the easiest ways to detox your interior is to introduce natural rugs, which are inherently beautiful and offer a multitude of benefits for your wellbeing. A new focus on Biophilic Design is one of the top interior design trends, working with the positive human connection to natural materials. It comes from the word Biophilia – meaning Love of Nature. Biophilic Design focuses on a natural home while improving your wellbeing, health and creativity. Biophilic interiors use organic materials and textures that reflect the natural environment.
Andes rug Armadillo
grounded in nature 
Nature is like a form of meditation. A mindful break. Our busy lives need natural ways to find inner peace. Just as roots connect to the earth to keep us grounded. More than ever, people are keen on how furniture and decor are made and how design impacts the environment and your health. Synthetic or chemically treated rugs give of VOC's a harmful compound that can cause skin irritations, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Instead, opt for eco-friendly woven organic materials found in nature like jute, sisal, wool, hemp, rattan and linen which shrug off dirt, dust and bacteria - perfect for families with asthma, allergies or pets.

"Nature is like a form of mediation. A mindful break. Our busy lives often need natural ways to find inner peace. Just as roots connect to the earth. That’s why our rugs are grounded in nature with the highest quality pure wool, hemp or jute."

By Mölle natural rugsmeet the makers
Armadillo was founded by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst. "All our rugs are made with natural materials and sustainable processes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, environmental performance and social responsibility to make a difference in both your home and the world around us. We strive to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. Our carpets are crafted from natural and recycled materials. Each rug is made consciously and responsibly, designed to counteract today’s throwaway culture and stand the test of time, both in their aesthetic and unquestionable quality."

sustainability in action
"We strive to leave little impact on the earth. Each rug is made from carefully sourced natural fibres such as jute, wool and linen and crafted using energy efficient processes – resulting in a product of quality, longevity, and hence sustainability. Natural rugs are easy to maintain with a regular vacuum and spot clean. Natural fibers are extremely durable and will ware in, not out. Premium materials and quality craftsmanship ensure a rug with a long lifespan that is a pleasure to live with. In 2019, we partnered with the International Living Future Institute to affix our collections with a Declare Label, outlining exactly how our rugs are made, what they are made of and where they will go at the end of their life to give customers greater manufacturing transparency and the confidence to know that they are investing in a truly sustainable product.”

“Owning an Armadillo rug is like acquiring a work of art. Each one is unique because it is completely made by hand, involving the work of at least five different artisans along the way. I truly believe that we build emotional connections to the things we love, and it is my hope that you treasure the personal touch, creative spirit and rich history behind the rug that finds its way into your home.”
- Sally Pottharst, co-founder of Armadillo
Armadillo vloerkleedrugs that lie lightly on this earth
The Armadillo Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 to improve lives in underprivileged communities. For each rug purchased, we donate 10% of net profits towards educational, healthcare and environmental initiatives, including full funding of the KVM School in India attended by many of our artisans’ children. By bringing an Armadillo rug into your space, you’re creating opportunities they otherwise would not have.

By Mölle is official partner of Armadillo. Discover the collection