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The art of slow living: 6 daily rituals

The art of slow living: 6 daily rituals

The rhythm of modern life can be hectic, with the constant juggle between work and a busy social life, often blurring simple moments as we rush through our days. In response, 'slow living' urges us to appreciate the little things, be present, and find balance.

what is the art of slow living?
Slow living is all about moments that bring us joy or relieve us of stress. It's a way of life where you try to live in a more intentional and purposeful way, for the benefit of your mental and physical health. Everything from your relationships, health and to your career can benefit: 

- you'll be happier
- you'll have more time to relax
- you'll be healthier

"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”
Zen proverb

slow living at ’t Witte Huis | By Mölle
1. a slow start

Begin your day mindful under the shower. This practice sets a positive tone, fostering calmness and clarity. Focus on the warm sensation of the water and your breath. Take a deep breath through your nose, allowing the air to fill your belly. Hold for a few seconds. Then exhale through your mouth and, when you feel the urge to breathe in, inhale again through your nose. Repeat this process three times consecutively. This simple practice can set a positive tone for the day, helping you approach challenges with calm and clarity. Integrate mindful breathing exercises into your day to bring moments of calmness. Whether it's a deep breath before a meeting or a pause during a hectic afternoon, these exercises help you to reduce stress.
bathroom rituals | By Mölle
2. mindful breakfast rituals 
Brewing a cup of tea or coffee is a fine ritual to start your day on a positive note. Make it a real pleasure by drinking from a favorite mug. Taking the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast will set you up for the day. Put away your phone and other electronic devices and savor each bite mindfully. Vary a lot. Utilize the 3-day rule. What you eat today, you don't eat tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. For example: 

• Fruit, nuts, seeds, puffed buckwheat, coconut yogurt or quark.
• Fried eggs with tomatoes, bell peppers, spring onions, mushrooms. 
• Buckwheat pancakes with apple, banana, forest fruits.
• Boiled eggs with green salad, olives and avocado.
• Smoothie with water or coconut milk or oat milk, banana, celery, berries or other fruits and/or vegetables.

Don't forget to hydrate. You can start your day with 1 or 2 glasses of water. Staying hydrated supports overall well-being and kickstarts your metabolism. By combining mindful eating with these healthy breakfast tips, you set a positive tone for the day, nourishing both your body and mind.
natural tableware | By Mölle
3. spend time in nature
Step away from the hustle and connect with nature daily. Whether a walk or a garden break, it brings peace and happiness, offering perspective on the world's beauty. Scientific research consistently confirms a correlation between happiness and time spent in nature. The natural world can bring peace and harmony to your life and can help us to better see the bigger picture and remind us how beautiful the world around us is.

4. plan 'me' time for the things you love
Schedule unstructured time for hobbies and self-prioritization. Embrace spontaneity to nurture freedom and spark creativity without rushing. This could be an hour of creative expression, pursuing a hobby, take some time to journal, garden and arrange flowers or work on creating something that brings you joy unstructured time without feeling the need to rush. It nurtures a feeling of freedom and sparks creativity.
inspired by nature | By Mölle
5. digital-free moments
Unplug and unwind with less screen time. Designate slow tech time during your day or in the evening for screen-free periods. Turn off electronic devices and engage in activities that promote relaxation, such as reading a book, enjoying a warm bath, or spending quality time with loved ones. Disconnect from social media and other online distractions for engagement with the present moment. Schedule unstructured time for hobbies and self-prioritization. Embrace spontaneity to nurture freedom and spark creativity without rushing. Also plan digital minimalism during your weekends. Use this time to explore new hobbies, connect with friends face-to-face, or simply enjoy moments of solitude. 
slow living | By Mölle
6. harmony at home
Create a serene home by seamlessly integrating natural materials with tranquil design principles. Craft a home that prioritizes natural living, mindfulness, and individuality, offering a graceful retreat from the demands of the outside world. Your wellbeing and happiness start at home. Natural materials are biodegradable, reduce stress, stimulate creativity and improve your immune system. The By Mölle collection embodies pure nature, crafted from healthy, ecological materials of the highest quality, including European linen, the softest mohair, organic wool, and recycled denim. Each material is carefully designed and selected based on quality, certifications, and sustainability. You may not always realize it, but harmful substances are often added to many products in your daily life. We spend up to 65 percent of our time indoors. Hence, it is crucial to prioritize a healthy living environment both at home and at work. And reminder less is more in your home - clear out unnecessary items, embrace minimalism, and invest wisely in high-quality, long-lasting furniture for a calm, organized environment.

By incorporating these everyday routines and rituals, you can create a slower and richer life that prioritizes meaningful connections. Remember, it's the small, intentional moments that contribute to a life well-lived.
the Makers barn | By Mölle