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Eco kapok kussen

Vegan kapok pillow


These fluffy pillows are filled with 100% plant-based kapok. Kapok is a fibre that comes from the seed pods of a Kapok tree. Kapok is super soft, hypoallergenic and airy. Kind of like down feathers, but made only from plants. The pillows have a zip so you can add more kapok if you like your pillow more firm. 

Choose your favourite pillow: 

Soft: this pillow is the right choice if you sleep on your back or front. It's soft and not too bulky. 
50 x 60 cm: 500 gr. kapok

Medium: this pillow is a bit more firm and great if you sleep on your back or side.
60 x 70 cm: 650 gr. kapok

Firm: for more heavy people that sleep on their side or back.
60 x 70 cm: 800 gr. kapok

Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and filled with 100% plant-based kapok

Care: regularly air your pillow and lay it in the sun now and then. Do not wash the pillow, remove stains with an eco-friendly detergent. 

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