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Colour guide

By Mölle linens are pre-washed to achieve a relaxed, natural style. We use European flax to spin our yarns, and the colour of flax may vary from the grower. This can at times affect the dye lot within our yarns, which is common in processing natural fibres. Whilst we do our best to avoid this there can sometimes be slight variances.

Linen colour range

Misty grey - chambray woven with light grey and off white yarn. A versatile light grey with a subtle blue undertone.

Pebble - chambray woven with grey and off white yarn. A soft, contemporary grey shade.

Pebble solid - woven with grey yarn. A dark, faded grey shade.

Charcoal - chambray woven with black and off white yarn. A mid-tone charcoal, perfect for a modern ambiance.

Moss green - woven with a rich green yarn. A earthy green that reminds us of lush forest land.

Indigo - woven with blue yarn. A deep, intense blue like blueberries. Beautiful on its own or combined with light colours like almond or misty grey.

Almond - chambray woven with creamy beige and off white yarn. A subtle, light shade.

Hazel - chambray woven with cinnamon and off white yarn. An earthy, warm shade that combines well with grey and blue tones.

Cinnamon - a rich, earthy tone that brings lots of character to a space. Combine it with hazel, grey and blue shades for a personal and warm home.

Pure white - woven with white yarn.

Flax - chambray woven with flax and off white yarn. A natural, earthy shade that is woven with undyed flax yarn. As we use the undyed, natural fibre for this colour, variations in tone may appear.

Sea shell - chambray woven with a light beige and off white yarn. A beautiful natural shade, easy going and understated.

Faded blue - woven with a blue yarn. We love this faded blue shade that combines well with all our linen shades. 

Cloudy blue - chambray woven with a faded blue and off white yarn. Great to combine with faded blue, natural shades like flax and sea shell or on its own.

Fern - chambray woven with a moss green and off white yarn. A green that reminds us of long forest walks. Combine it with moss green and cooler shades like pebble and misty grey for a contemporary, natural ambiance.  

Pink salt - This dusty, earthy pink is one of our favourites. It adds a soft touch to your home and combines well with all our shades.