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By Mölle linen colours

By Mölle linen is 100% natural. Grown, woven and sewn in Europe from the fibers of the flax plant, Linum Usitatissimum. We work with the most talented historic linen weavers in Europe. The mills take care of all the stages in the process of creating linen from flax to fabric. You see and feel the craftsmanship in our fine woven fabrics in beautiful natural shades. By Mölle linens are pre-washed for a relaxed, natural style. The chambray linen fabric is yarn-dyed, which gives it a beautiful color and structure. As we use natural fibres, variations in tone may appear which gives linen a perfect natural look and softness. 

 Linen colour range

1. Sage - chambray woven with a greyish green and off white yarn. Depending on the light and mix of colours this shade appears to be more green or grey. A soft, natural tone and a favourite for curtains too!

2. Olive - a faded green like the leaves of the olive tree. Beautiful in combination with light shades like misty grey and sage.

3. Misty grey - chambray woven with light grey and off white yarn. A versatile light grey with a subtle blue undertone.

4. Pebble - chambray woven with grey and off white yarn. A soft, contemporary grey shade.

5. Slate - woven with grey yarn. A dark, faded grey shade.

6. Flax - chambray woven with flax and off white yarn. A natural, earthy shade, also a favourite shade for our linen curtains.

7. Sea shell - chambray woven with a light beige and off white yarn. A beautiful natural shade, easy going and understated.

 8. Hazel - chambray woven with cinnamon and off white yarn. An earthy, warm shade that combines well with grey and blue tones.

9. Cinnamon - a rich, earthy tone that brings lots of character to a space. Combine it with hazel, grey and blue shades for a personal and warm home.

10. Blush - chambray woven with a blush and off white yarn. Combine this light powdery pink with cinnamon and hazel or with pink salt and terra to add softness to your home. 

11. Pink salt - this dusty, earthy pink is one of our favourites. It adds a soft touch to your home and combines well with all our shades. 

12. Terra - terra is a deep, warm shade that goes really well with blush and pink salt. Mix it with neutral shades like sa shell for an earthy feel, or combine it with honey and wheat for a touch of summer.

13. Wheat - chambray woven with a warm beige and off white yarn. This natural shade looks great in combination with honey, or cooler shades like misty grey, pebble and slate.

14. Honey - Honey is a warm, faded yellow tone that reminds us of endless Indian summers.

15. Indigo - a true indigo blue, beautiful on its own or with lighter shades like misty grey, sea shell and cloudy blue.

16. Cloudy blue - chambray woven with a faded blue and off white yarn. Great to combine with indigo, natural shades like flax and sea shell or on its own.

17. Pure white - you can’t go wrong with crispy white linens!

18. Warm white - a beautiful creamy white, easy to mix with all our linen shades

19. Coral - a warm, powdery shade of pink that you can combine endlessly with all our linen colours. Coral has the same yarn as our pink salt linen shade, therefore they match perfectly.

20. Cocoa - Cocoa is a warm, deep shade of brown. Beautiful on its own or mixed with neutrals like sea shell and cocoa striped linen.

21. Cocoa stripe - Add a subtle accent to your bedroom with this warm white linen fabric with a cocoa stripe, easy to mix with all our linen shades.

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