By Mölle Trade Friends

If you are a professional interior designer, architect, home developer or work in the hospitality industry we invite you to become a Trade Friend. To become Trade Friends please contact us here.

What does it mean to be a Trade Friend?

As a Trade Friend you receive interesting discounts on our whole product range. We offer the following tiered discount levels:

A: 10% off with no minimum purchase
B: 15% off with 5.000 EUR in cumulative purchases in a 12-month period
C: 20% off with 10.000 EUR in cumulative purchases in a 12-month period 

Please note: for our linen curtains collection we offer a discount of 20%.

How can I become a Trade Friend?

Contact us online here or call us at +31 529 466965. We reserve the right to evaluate applications at our sole discretion.

How do I qualify for a higher discount?

If you or your company qualifies for an upgrade based on previous 12-month purchases, you will automatically receive, via email, a confirmation stating your new status.