Acacia cake plate


This beautiful cake plate from Acacia wood is handmade by by experienced craftsmen in small wood workshops in the Philippines.

Acacia trees are not hard to find in the Philippines. You see them standing along the roads and on uncultivated land. The wood of the acacia is a non-indigenous hardwood. Beautiful, with a broad colour spectrum of warm to light segments. It is sustainable: it grows fast (the trees reach their full height in sixteen years) and for every tree that is cut down another one is planted. Planting the trees is regarded as an investment which yields a profit after a number of years when the wood is sold. The chopping of the trees, the trading and the processing is controlled by the government by means of certification. In some parts of the city permits to cut down trees are not granted.

You can hand wash in lukewarm water, don’t let it soak. When the varnish is worn off you can wipe the wood with walnut oil from time to time.

Material: acacia wood, food-safe varnish

Size: diameter 30 cm, height 12 cm

Shipping: available from stock

Made in: fair-trade in Philippines 

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