The art of quilting

Quilts are telling family stories. We design your own quilt with our By Mölle linen fabrics and make it for you by hand in our studio. A personal and unique design that will last a lifetime.

The history of the quilt goes back a long time. The oldest quilt was found in the Roman times. Originally the quilt was used as a blanket to protect against cold weather. In the nineteenth century immigrants from Europe took the quilting techniques to America, where the quilt became very popular. Girls learned quilting at a young age. For every special occasion, like a wedding or a birth, a quilt was made. By using symbols in quilts  women could express themselves and tell stories. 

For the lining we use 100% organic cotton. Use it as a warm throw or bedspread to create a natural, pure ambiance in your room. We make this quilt by hand to specifications with your choice of colors. Please let us know by phone or mail what size and colors you would like and we will be in touch soon. 

The art of quilting By Mölle