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Meet the maker: Eva Follender Grossfeld ceramics

Eva Follender Grossfeld is a Dutch artist and ceramist. She has been creating paintings and collages for more than ten years. Recently she started to study ceramics and opened her studio in Naarden, The Netherlands.

How would you best describe your work?
My work is characterized by simplicity, subtlety and use of color. Color has been a very important part of my work since I started painting. The color has to resonate with what I feel inside.Eva Follender Grossfeld keramiekWhat does the process of creating look like from start to finish?
The making of tableware (cups, plates and bowls) starts with developing a mold. Then I pour a so-called casting clay into these plaster molds. The clay shrinks and comes off the wall of the mold. Then the cup has to dry for a few days, how long that takes depends on the weather conditions. I sponge the cup to remove all hard edges, and I sign the cup. It then goes into the oven and is baked at 980 degrees Celsius. This is called "biscuit". When the cup comes out of the oven, it gets a glaze layer. I apply this layer by pouring enamel into the cup and the outside of the cup gets 3 layers of enamel with a brush. The oven is now heated up to 1220 degrees et voila, the finished cup is ready.

What inspires you?
I get my inspiration from images that I see. For example images of nature because I like to walk, but also interiors from books and paintings inspire me. I really like silence. I think being in silence is one of my greatest sources of inspiration.Eva Follender GrossfeldWhat fascinated you about natural materials?
In the case of clay I find it fascinating that I perpetuate this natural material. And that also gives me a sense of great responsibility. I also like to experience direct influence of the weather conditions in my work. The clay dries quickly when it is dry and warm and much slower when it is cold and damp.

Where do you choose your colors and patterns from?
The colors that I choose are colors that appeal to me. I also sometimes try to go outside of my comfort zone, which is also an exciting process. I choose colors intuitively, and I prefer grays and blues. 

What does slow living mean to you?
Slow living means being fully present in the moment from rest. I like to take a step back.  In addition, I consciously choose what I buy and it must have a quality that appeals to me. I think that slowing down is an answer to many "problems" that we encounter in today's society.

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