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A good night's sleep

Did you know that sleep is crucial for a relaxed and happy life? Your biorhythm is even more important than food and exercise together. According to the Dalai Lama, sleep is the most powerful form of meditation. In your brain, sleep improves learning and memory. In other parts of your body, sleep affects the immune system, metabolism and cardiovascular system. People who sleep well are more alert, have a better libido and the chance of a (sports) injury is forty percent smaller.

You spend about a third of your life in bed and while you sleep your brain and body can recover. Your muscles make new cells and your brain processes all the emotions and experiences of the day. Scientists have discovered that the brain detoxifies during sleep. That's why a good night's sleep is so important. Unfortunately, nowadays more than 30% of the population has sleeping problems and the biorhythm of many people is disturbed. This can be due to various factors such as stress, unhealthy diet and too little exercise, but it is increasingly apparent that chemicals and artificial additives can also have an impact on your sleep.
By Mölle linnen bedding
stay close to nature
Nutrition plays a major role in the development and prevention of certain diseases. You are what you eat is a valuable saying. More and more people eat fresh fruit and vegetables that  do not contain harmful pesticides. But did you know that vitality goes much further than attention to nutrition? Also for clothing, cosmetics, your house, bed linen and your mattress, it appears that hidden harmful chemicals not only have an impact on the environment, but also on your health. A good reason to look into this.

A lot of people are exhausted when they get up, and have no idea what they are sleeping on or under. Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the world and the cotton industry is extremely polluting. Ten percent of all pesticides used in the world and 25 percent of all insecticides are used on cotton plantations. 'Consumers pay too little attention to the effects of cotton cultivation', says professor of textile science Paul Kiekens (Ghent University). More than 1 kilo of poison is used for a non-organic cotton duvet cover. Greenpeace did an investigation into how many garments contain too many harmful chemicals. The result was shocking: 63% of the 141 garments tested contained too high concentrations of harmful substances. Many mattresses also appear to contain toxic substances. The most sold mattresses such as (cold) foam, polyether or memory foam are made by the chemical industry on the basis of petroleum. These mattresses exhale a pungent air, especially in the beginning, due to all kinds of chemical vapors, which can cause complaints. The skin is our largest organ and can immediately absorb all kinds of substances, including all chemical substances that you come into contact with.

"Thousands of kilograms of plastic from shampoo go down the sink every day. We don't yet know how the smallest particles ('nanoparticles') behave." Robin van Wechem De schuimende waarheid 

honey linnen By MölleMany care products such as toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, face cream, sunscreen, deodorant or lipstick also contain tiny pieces of plastic (microbeads) in addition to chemical components from petroleum. They are so small that they slip through the filters of water treatment plants and end up in rivers and oceans. There they end up in plankton, fish, birds and mammals and they also end up on our plates via the food chain. It is not always easy to find on the labels. With the Beat the Microbead-app you can check if a product contains microbeads.

Biophilic design
Fortunately, there are sustainable, safe alternatives and naturally healthy substances. Our inspiration comes from Biophilic design, which means 'Love for Life'. Healthy natural materials are one of the main pillars of the By Mölle collection, as are natural colours, shapes and sustainable techniques. More than fifty studies from around the world show that nature or environments that mimic nature have a positive effect on our health and well-being. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, we have a deep-rooted relationship with nature. A natural environment reduces stress, improves your concentration and you sleep more deeply. Even a small change has an impact on how you feel. 

"Improving health & well-being: study nature, love nature, stay close to nature."  

vlas veld By Möllea good night's sleep
What can you do to improve your sleep? A great start is to research what you sleep on or under. The By Mölle collection contains sustainable natural materials of the highest quality that feel nice to the touch, such as linen, hemp, mohair, wool and down. We hear many positive reactions such as 'I have never slept so well' or 'the soft fabric feels wonderful and soothing' and 'I'm glad you work without toxins' or 'what a beautiful earthy tones'. Discover it yourself. Enjoy!
By Mölle linnen beddengoed