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Get comfy with alpaca wool

Stay warm and cosy with the finest blend of alpaca and organic wool. Super soft, eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Knitted into the most comfy scarfs, throws and bedspreads in lovely natural shades. Wrap it around you, use it as a warm, light throw or use the large size as an extra layer on your bed. Alpaca is super light, and famous for its versatility: cool in summer, warm in winter. Available in 3 natural shades.

discover alpaca wool
Alpaca is a true miracle fibre. Super soft, warm and one of the most beautiful natural fibers in the world. The lightweight, durable wool comes from the alpaca, which is native to high Andes mountains of Peru and one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world. The fleece from alpaca is perfectly suited to survive in the harsh high altitude conditions. We used the beautiful alpaca wool, and blended it with GOTS certified organic wool for a unique look and feel.
Alpacas are native to Pre-Columbian South America and have been domesticated for about 5000 years. They naturally live high in the mountains. Due to their natural habitat, they have a versatile wool coat. Treasured by the ancient Inca civilisation, their fine fleeces were reserved for Incan royalty and and also known as 'The fiber of the Gods'. Together with their close relatives, the llamas, alpacas provided food, clothing and companionship as domesticated animals high in the altiplano of Peru, Chile and Bolivia. 

"Alpaca wool was for the ancient Inca civilization 'The fiber of the Gods'. A beautiful, soft and lightweight, high quality, natural fibre that will last for years."

Alpaca wool is a beautiful natural fibre with exceptional characteristics. We love the texture, timeless beauty, and versatility of alpaca wool along with its renewable properties. Unlike synthetic fibres the decomposition process is much faster for alpaca wool, making it an especially valuable and eco-friendly material. While most people associate the word 'wool' with sheep, there are, in fact, many types of wool from different animals, each with its own unique qualities that affect its look and feel.

  • Mohair wool, fleece of the angora goat 
  • Merino wool, fleece of the merino sheep
  • Alpaca wool, fleece of the alpaca 

Alpaca wool is the latest sustainable pure wool yarn we are adding, in a blend with GOTS certified organic wool. Many people think of it as only a cold weather yarn, but it regulates temperature better than any other material. Alpaca wool stands out with its insulating power that is seven times higher than that of sheep wool, and its unique softness. Additional benefits of alpaca wool include its durability and its versatility, as it can be woven into both heavy, coarse fabrics and lightweight, soft fabrics.

By Mölle Alpaca knit collection

Alpaca wool has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The thin waxy coating of wool fibre contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. This means that alpaca woolen items do not need regular washing and will smell fresh after repeated use, unlike synthetic fibres. One of the biggest benefits is that alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Unlike all other wools, Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin. Lanolin is the allergenic substance to which a large number of people to be sensitive. That is why it is the best option for those who cannot tolerate traditional wool. 

By Mölle alpaca scarfs, throws and bedspreads
Our alpaca wool is beautifully soft and warm. Made with a special lustre and comes from animals that are ethically breeded. The alpaca yarn is mixed with GOTS certified organic wool for a unique look and feel. By Mölle alpaca wool scarfs, throws and bedspreads are made together with a family owned factory in Portugal.