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Gotland wool plaids and blankets

The soft wool for our plaids and blankets comes from the Gotland sheep from Scandinavia. The Gotland sheep is an old Swedish sheep breed from the island of Gotland. It's very special because the wool has a beautiful shine and luxurious appearance and feels nice and soft. The sheep are sheared twice a year to prevent the wool from felting. It is a beautiful quality wool that we use in the natural pure undyed colors for our plaids & blankets. This gives a nice rustic look in your home.

The Nordic touch
According to tradition, the Gotland sheep was created by mixing different sheep breeds that the Vikings used to take back on their raids around 800 AD until 1066. For example, there are characteristics of the Swedish Gute Fårschaap, the Leicester sheep from Great Britain and the Karakoel from central Asia, resulting in a strong sheep known for its liveliness and intelligence. An elegant sheep that, when it has just been shorn, looks a bit like a doe. The wool is strongly curled and soft with naturally blended gray and brown colors in many variations. Gotland sheep wool By Mölle plaids and blanketsWool is a unique natural product with insulating properties thanks to the special molecular structure of the fibers. This ensures that wool retains air, absorbs moisture and then releases it into the air as water vapor. This way you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is also naturally dirt-repellent, can retain a lot of moisture without feeling wet and wool has antibacterial properties. But beware: not all wool is created equal. The processing of the raw wool and the animal welfare of the sheep where the wool comes from has a major influence on the final quality of a plaid or blanket. The wool from the Gotland sheep for the By Mölle plaids and blankets is carefully produced ecologically and animal-friendly. This means that the environment has been treated with care, no harmful substances are used in the production and processing of the wool and there are strict rules for animal welfare. This results in a smoother, stronger and softer yarn that will last for many years.By Mölle plaids and blankets pure wool Gotland sheep Back to Nature 
By Mölle wool plaids and blanket are of exceptional quality, made of the finest wool in the natural colors of the Gotland sheep. After shaving, the wool is carefully sorted by color by hand. The wool is therefore undyed, untreated and pure natural, so free of dyes and other chemicals. Beautiful as a plaid on your couch or as a bedspread on your bed and nice and warm. 

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