Iconic meets new by Frama

The creative headquarter of Frama Studio is based in Copenhagen. Nestled in the impressive St. Pauls Apotek which was established in 1878. Frama is one of our favorite design studios. We love their focus on the use of natural materials, simple geometrics and timelessness. The past of the historic pharmacy and Frama’s creative collection is a remarkable signature of blending old and new materials. The place has a unique atmosphere. Frama often uses untreated materials such as aluminium and bronze in their designs, materials that age beautifully over time and that contrast well with warm and natural interior tones. You can find a selection of their lighting and furniture in our online store.
Simple, refined & resting on strong geometry with the material in focus.
When you are in Copenhagen, make sure you visit the Frame Studio, located in the historic part of Copenhagen at Fredericiagade 57.
Frama Studio Store Copenhagen
Frama Studio Store interiorFrama Copenhagen